BeachXperience promotes your lido

BeachXperience promotes your lido to all potential customers wherever they are, using a smartphone application. Who downloads the BX app, identify your lido on the map and choose it basing on the services you offer. Thanks to the BX app, customers book and pay umbrellas, cots, deckchairs and any other available service. You get cash in advance and control the booking status real-time. The service is free-of-charge for lidos. You will be able to decide where and how many spots you would like to make available for booking with BX. And you can always change idea depending on actual revenues.

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Promotes your lidos to all potential customers, Beach under control

Beach under control

Check the occupation of your lido using an intuitive dashboard

Promotes your lido to all potential customers Handle bookings

Handle bookings

With the management app, you can keep an eye on bookings and income.

Promotes your lidos to all potential customers, Collect payments in advance

Collect payments in advance

Customers can book and pay beach umbrellas, chairs, beds, and any other service online.

Promotes your lidos to all potential customers, Check in with a QR-Code

Check in with a QR-Code

Check-in management is built in the app. All you need to complete your check-in is a smartphone

Seat sharing

Maximize occupation, increase your income, and build loyalty of customers with long stays by sharing with them some of the income from seats they share

Promotes your lidos to all potential customers, Completely free

Completely free

A completely free service for managers. Customers pay a small fee when booking, just like when you buy tickets for a movie in advance

BeachXperience offers a simple and free management software

You can choose number and position of seats using BeachXperience, manage stays of only one day or longer, half a day or a whole day

BeachXperience promuove il tuo lido. Gestisci le prenotazioni

Handle bookinks has never been easier

Any customer arriving at your lido has already paid. You only need to check them in and accompany them to their seat. With a QR-Code it’s going to be even easier to do, simply use a smartphone or tablet to complete the check-in anywhere. Every payment transaction takes places safely on the platform, with no commision on your part. You will find takings directly on your bank account.

Use your lido the its full potential with the sharing funcion

Customers who booked using BeachXperience can leave their seat available for others while they are not using it. Doing so, you can increase your income and build loyalty with customers by giving them back come of your income as cashback for purchases.

BeachXperience promuove il tuo lido. prenotando dall'app

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